Thursday, July 05, 2012

Romania -- Healing

Honestly, I've never personally seen a miracle of healing quite like what happened with me last night. I know it may seem small -- I wasn't lame and now I can walk or anything like that, but...

I had been sick here in Romania for almost a week, getting worse and worse. The camp staff insisted I go to the doctor yesterday, so they sent me there with a translator.

I had a fever of 100+, chills and sweats, all over aches, stiff neck with limited mobility, disorientation, dizziness, nausea, difficulty speaking, sensitivity to light. All the symptoms of bacterial meningitis. 

The doctor said he was going to send me to the closest city (90 min away) to the hospital for a spinal tap today if I wasn't better. And if I had to have the spinal tap today, I wouldn't be able to fly home tomorrow as planned. But my symptoms kept intensifying throughout the day, even after I began the round of antibiotics that the doctor gave me. 

I sent a text to my friend Kacie asking her to please start a prayer chain. 

One of my friends here looked up info on bacterial meningitis. The stats were grim. It comes on fast and strong, and there's a 12% fatality rate, even among those who are treated. And of those who survive, they sometimes suffer limb loss, hearing loss, seizures, etc.

Six of the Romanian translators came in and laid hands on me and prayed out. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard... to hear the Body of Christ crying out to our Savior in a foreign language.

And less than an hour after I sent Kacie that text, all my symptoms vanished. Gone. I was able to get up, send some emails, call my parents, eat ice cream, and pack my bags (that was an act of faith! Ha!). 

Today when I went to see the doctor, he was confused but thrilled. He gave me a clean bill of health, cleared me to fly home tomorrow, and sent me on my way, insisting that I not even pay him! God answers our prayers with abundance! 

I truly believe God healed me. And I have been graced with the prayers of God's people as a means to that end. Thank you for your prayers, friends. I love you all.