Saturday, June 16, 2012

How To Enjoy A Layover: Be In Munich.

Last week, I had a 6.5 hour layover in Munich. That may seem like a long time, but I hardly wanted it to end. Munich offers the greatest airport experience I’ve ever had. It’s enough to make me want to fly through their airport intentionally, if I ever have that opportunity. Here are my top 12 reasons why I love the Munich airport more than all other airports:

1. French Hot Dogs: Grilled outer shell/bun (fantastic bread) filled with the condiments of your choice, plus it can’t drip out the other end. Brilliant!

  1. Kombucha: they sell it in almost every store in the airport! Where, apart from health food stores (and every bodega in Manhattan), does this ever happen?

  1. Free internet access (no pic): There are stations where you can use the internet for free.
  1. Moscato Chocolate: moscato. chocolate.

  1. Coffee & News Stations: Lufthansa has these stations every few gates. They have a variety of free newspapers from around the world, which you can read while you drink one of 18 free drink options of teas and coffees. I am definitely excited to tell you that I tried them all in my 6.5 hour layover. Given the 30 minute boarding time, that works out to one drink every 20 minutes, and a total of approximately 10 shots of espresso.

  1. Nap Cabs: If I weren’t so busy playing, I would’ve rented one of these.

  1. Stores: The stores in Munich are so design-y and hip.

  1. Free Toblerone (no pic): in all 3 flavors. Dark chocolate. White chocolate. Milk chocolate. They’re just laying out on a stand outside the Toblerone store. Joey from Friends would be so happy!
  1. Wide walkies: the people-movers in the airport are wide enough for 2 people and their luggage! No more standing behind the standers when you really need to sprint!

  1. Lounges: the lounge areas all had these recliners with footrests.

  1. Free luggage carts (no pic): All the luggage carts are free and there are stations throughout the terminals. 
  1. Free foosball tables: I mean, what? Awesome.

And once I boarded, this was my plane. So posh, so sleek, even for coach.

For the sake of comparison, this is where I spent my 9.5 hour layover in the Berlin airport.

What airports are at the top and bottom of your list? 


anne said...

Nap cabs!! Amazing.

Christine said...

Um, that hotdog bun is genius. I wanna go to Munich! The Frankfurt airport is pretty nice as well. Chennai? Not so much.

Gregg said...

I love going through the light tunnel at Detroit DTW. The whole airport is very nice.

Nicola - napcabs MUC Airport said...

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Safe travels wherever you are heading and best regards from Munich!
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Aariel said...

I LOVE Munich, definitely my favorite airport. I went through there last year but didn't have much time to spend. I'm trying to schedule my trip through there this year with a longer layover. :)