Friday, March 30, 2012

Texas Score Sheet

For the past two weeks, I’ve been touring exclusively in Texas, landing in the following spots: Houston, Highland Village, Dallas, Lubbock, Houston again, San Marcos, Austin, Waco-ish, Dallas again, Lewisville. And here are my reductionist evaluations of these cities and what they have to offer.

Best food: Dallas (Tillman’s)

Best dessert: Houston (Eddie V’s)

Best coffee shops: Austin (Bennu)

Best coffee: Houston (My-T Good Texas Pecan)

Best organic grocery: Dallas (Urban Acres)

Best radio stations: Austin

Most radio stations with too many accordions: Houston

Best place to burst into tears on stage: Highland Village (The Village Church)

Longest red lights: Austin

Worst traffic: Austin

Easiest navigation: Houston (it’s like a bullseye target)

Most confusing navigation: Dallas (it’s like spaghetti)
Honorable mention: Austin (there's a place where 38 1/2 Street intersects with 38 1/2 Street)

Cheapest gas: Lubbock

Best temperatures: Hawaii

Best views: Texas Hill Country

Best skyline: it's a draw -- Austin and Dallas

Best wildflower fields for running through like in movies: none, all are covered in bees

Best food trucks: Austin

Best flatness: Lubbock

Best running trails: Austin (The Drag)

Running trails on which you’re most likely to get lost and subsequently run an accidental half marathon: Austin (a drag)

Best theological library: Houston (Lanier Theological Library)

Best truck stop chain ever: Buc-ee’s

Best Buc-ee’s: I-45 halfway between Houston and Dallas

Best Granola: Dallas (Impact Granola)

Best place to eavesdrop on conversation and awkward dates: Waco (Common Grounds)

Best place to get a flat tire: Highland Village (Matt & Lauren Chandler’s driveway)

Sunday, March 04, 2012

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