Monday, January 30, 2012

The 7 Greatest Sermons I've Ever Heard

I've been wanting to share this list with you for a while. These are the sermons God has used to change the trajectory of my life, or at least the pace.

Why 7 sermons? That's just how it is. Hardly a week passes that I don't think about the truths God revealed to me in these sermons. I see no reason to add more just for the sake of making it a top 10 list.

There's really no order for this, so I'm just going to go alphabetical by pastor.


Piper's sermons are dense with wisdom. He wastes no words, no pauses. When I listen to him preach, I find that I only absorb about 1/3 of what he teaches each time through. The "Battling Unbelief" series from which the first sermon comes is my favorite sermon series of all time.

1. Battling The Unbelief Of Anxiety

2. Getting To The Bottom Of Your Joy

3. If My Words Abide In You


This doesn't even feel like listening to a sermon. Matt's teaching is so easy to listen to that I prefer it over music in my car on most days. And I recommend that you don't skip forward through his lengthy introductions or cut it off before his closing prayers, because his announcements alone carry more theological truth than entire sermons preached in many churches.

4. Heart Matters: The Question

5. The Art Of Prayer

6. Ecclesiastes: Approaching The Divine


Tim was my pastor during my 3 years in NYC. He teaches with gentle authority, unpacking truth in a way that appeals to the intellect of the skeptic. Even after having spent my lifetime in church and in the Word, I had never come to understand this aspect of the fruit of the Spirit until I heard him teach on it. Gamechanger. Unfortunately, it isn't free. This is the only sermon that you will have to purchase. But it's only $2.50. (If I'm still thinking about it nearly 4 years later, I'd say it's worth that little.)

7. Led By The Spirit

I hope these will be helpful for you as you press on to know Him better. Enjoy!

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