Monday, September 12, 2011

Every Move I Make

Every move I make and word I speak should amplify the Gospel and serve to advance the Kingdom, even in my rest and leisure activities. So, here's a list of things to hold my actions up against and see if they measure up.

1. Is it beneficially to me personally and to the gospel generally?

2. Does it make God look glorious?

3. Will I lose self control and be mastered by what i participate in? Can I handle it?

4. Am I doing this in front of someone who will stumble because of it? (Sometimes it is best not to exercise your freedom. Christian maturity is laying down your freedom and not demanding to walk in it.)

5. Is it illegal?

6.If I fail to do this will I lose an opportunity to share the gospel?

7. Am I doing this to help other people or am I just being selfish?

8. Can I do this in a way that glorifies God?

9. Am I following the example of Jesus to help sinners be reconciled to God?

Thanks to Matt Chandler at The Village Church for this list. D-Group has just wrapped up our Colossians series from The Village Church, and this is from sermon 19. By the way, sermons 19 and 20 are game-changers.


Don Sartain said...

Ok, now I feel ridiculous. Cause I was at TVC for that series and don't remember hearing that at all, lol.

Thanks for sharing what I should have already heard...

Krystal Celeste said...

Great list, Tara Leigh! I'm definitely saving this. These are questions I think we all need to be asking ourselves. Thanks for sharing! :)

Melissa said...

I was just having a similar conversation with some friend this am. Are the conversations we have beneficial to the other party and not for the purpose of tearing down an individual who is not even present. As women, we need to be intentional about choosing our words very carefully so as not to cause other believers to stumble or cause nonbelievers to run from Jesus more than they already do.

Tara Bowles said...

Copied, saved, and taken to heart. Thanks TLC.