Monday, May 02, 2011

Why Me?

This is on the inside cover of my Bible. I taped these pictures there in late September 2001. I've been praying for them both since then (and Obama, as well).

Last night when I heard the news my initial response shocked me. My heart felt so, so sad. For nearly a decade, I've been praying that God would draw Osama bin Laden's heart to His, that He would redeem this story in the way He redeemed Saul's life on the road to Damascus.

I was heartbroken, because my prayers engaged my heart toward this man, who is one of my enemies in a very literal sense. God's love is powerful. It changed my heart toward Osama.

So I'm left with one main question now: Why me?

Why me? Another day that I get to live and know and love Him. Another day that He hasn't killed me. Another day spared and blessed, undeserving. I've been so humbled by bin Laden's death. It awakens the reality that I deserve the exact same penalty. Yet Christ decided to spare me. I am truly baffled and so grateful.

I can't say how others should feel or respond. I can only tell you how I feel: It has humbled me, fixed my eyes on Christ, and I worship. Not because bin Laden died, but because bin Laden's death has reminded me that Christ died for sinners like me.

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Don said...

Very good question, Tara. I think many of us tend to view those against America as "evil" because we're supposedly a "Christian nation", without realizing that we are all evil in God's sight, and by nature His enemies. So, we all need the same redemption, reconciliation, and restoration.

Thanks for sharing!