Saturday, April 02, 2011

Spring Tour: Day 1

This morning I slept through my alarm. When I woke, an hour later, the sun had made its way to my window, pushing and shoving at the curtains. They're thick gray, floor-to-ceiling curtains, so the sun has to be bossy with them sometimes in order to get my attention. They're the bouncers you have to bribe to get into my windows.

The first thing I told myself was that it was a good thing I slept in. It was going to be a very long day, so I needed rest. And I didn't feel the need to rush myself, because I knew the 12 hour drive would be rough enough. So I intentionally slowed myself down. I left 3 hours later than I planned, but I had nowhere to be except for my Hampton Inn suite.

Their site said the room was $105, but I decided to try my hand at Priceline and ended up getting it for less than half price. And now I think I have a new hobby. Saving that much money feels kind of like gambling and I'm afraid it may become addictive. I hope I don't start booking hotels that I don't actually need.

So here are a few new things I'm trying out on this tour, in order to attempt to be healthier as I travel 8,500 miles in 3.5 weeks:

- Every time I stop for anything at all, I will try to do some form of brief exercise. This may mean that you will find me doing lunges across a truck stop parking lot while I'm waiting for the gas to finish pumping. Tonight, for instance, I ran wind sprints behind the Cracker Barrel where I stopped to pick up a new audio book. And then I saw the security camera and felt a little awkward.

- Eating meals while sitting somewhere other than my car. I might sit outside on the grass, lay my head back and stare at the clouds. I might eat in the booth at the grocery store deli. I just want to have a table (if possible) and some time to eat like a real human being.

- Not eating fast food. I typically don't do this anyway. But I'm making it a non-issue by taking a cooler with me on this tour. That also means that all my hotel rooms have to have refrigerators, which is why I had to go gambling on Priceline to begin with.

It's 12:39 Central Time, and I'm bidding you farewell from Room 232. I am supposed to run 11 miles tomorrow morning, but there's a good chance I will put that off until Sunday since I have to drive 5+ hours and drive a show tomorrow as well. I'll let you know.

Goodnight, moon.

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Bernard Shuford said...

The security cam bit made me laugh :)