Monday, April 18, 2011

How am I remembering?

It’s Holy Week.

In all of scripture, we’re never commanded to remember Christ’s birth. We spend months doing that. Instead, He tells us to remember His death… the way His blood was spilled and His body broken.

God, give my heart a good memory.


Rachael said...

Remembering, and remembering again all year round. That's my prayer too, that He would keep His sacrifice ever fresh on my heart. Thanks for the reminder!

Lexi said...

I have just discovered your music. So inspirational! I love the song it wont be you. I am getting a divorce from a non believer who I never should have married in the first place but God opened this door and he left me, its been hard but i know its a god thing! anyway this song is so great!! please keep writing good music!