Sunday, March 13, 2011

Speaking A New Language

They say a major indicator that you've integrated a new language into your vocabulary is when you begin to dream in that language. It has become such a part of your subconscious that your mind automatically retrieves it.

Last night I dreamed that something happened to my car. Through the kindness of a benefactor, I ended up with a new car. I remember climbing inside and finding it wasn't quite what I expected... the upholstery, the style, etc. As I surveyed the rest of the interior, I noticed the sunroof.

A sunroof is a talisman, changing ordinary days and nights into magical experiences. It's a chaperone, allowing me to indulge in my love affair with the sky.

When I saw the sunroof and felt the pools of joy in my eyes, I knew it was a gift from Him. I thanked Him. Overjoyed and grateful. Even though my new car didn't meet all my specifications, He had given me one special thing that He knew I'd always wanted. And it reminded me how attentive He is to my heart. Every tiny gesture is another way He blesses me. In the withholding, in the abundance, He is never less than loving.

When I woke, I knew that the language of my heart is one of gratitude and love for Him. It is a language that trusts Him. He has changed my heart into something that automatically praises Him, even in my subconscious.

I never dreamed that would happen, but He is even better than what I dream.