Sunday, October 03, 2010

Bonus fun!

1. Hey friends! I've been in the studio this month recording my new album, Morning's War. I have a vision for this album, and these 11 songs capture that vision. My prayer is that the Lord will work through these chords and lyrics to encourage the timid, warn the idle, and help the weak (I Thess. 5:14). I'm praying for HUGE things to happen when these songs reach people's hearts!

2. If your relationship with God has been enhanced by music, please pray about making a contribution. Art works on the hearts of those who hear it. It is a gut-level means of communicating the Gospel. That's where I aim to meet people. Donate to my album fund today by “playing your part” on one of the following & you'll receive the bonus as my personal "thank you!" when the album releases!

PART YOU PLAY: Amount --> Bonus!

LYRIC: 25 --> Autographed album!

MELODY: 50 --> Autographed album + handwritten original haiku!

SONG: 100 --> Autographed album + I will personally bake & mail you a dozen cookies!

BACKGROUND VOCAL: 200 --> Autographed album + I will personally draw a doodle that you can frame & love!

ELECTRIC GUITAR: 500 --> Autographed album + original photo postcard including handwritten original haiku on back!

ACOUSTIC GUITAR: 1000 --> Autographed album + iPod shuffle pre-loaded with my entire catalog on it & a few unreleased songs!

PIANO: 2000 --> Autographed album + you and a guest will join me & the band for dinner the next time I play in your area!

LEAD VOCAL: 5000 --> Autographed album + I will perform a concert in your home for you and your friends while baking you cookies, writing a haiku, and drawing a doodle for you!

*Please note: if you've already given, these bonuses will also be retroactive!

Total costs will only be around $11000 (historically, my albums have cost nearly twice that much) because of some very generous help from friends. I've already raised $3000 toward this thanks to the financial sacrifices of donors! Only $8000 to go!

Credit/debit donations can be made via PayPal. Go to and donate to: Or mail a check to: Tara-Leigh Cobble / Attn: Playing My Part / 109 Butler Ave, Suite #3 / Greenville, SC 29601

P.S. If you want to book me for a speaking engagement or a concert that helps financially as well! Contact: