Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Synesthesia from Terri Timely on Vimeo.

Note: This video isn't so much an example of what it's like to be a synesthete as it is an explanation of the condition itself.

Most of the time I don't talk about my synesthesia.

Sometimes I make statements that totally connect in my head but they fail to resonate with others. It makes me want to stop short of communicating.

But I love words. And I love people.

So I try. I think my synesthesia forced me to become a better communicator. I speak in analogy often. There tends to be less room for error there, even if the comparisons are off slightly.

I want to understand you. I will make great efforts to achieve that. I may also make efforts to explain myself... probably because I'm not sure if I'm speaking English or Synesthete, and I'm still learning to discern which is which.

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