Monday, July 12, 2010

I have everything I need. The fullness of Christ is so abundant that were you to take a rock or a hill or a mountain range from my provision, I would still have more than my heart can hold. The depth of my sin, when inverted, can’t reach the heights of His grace and mercy.

Humility is a process for me, of falling down and looking up to see His nail-scarred feet. And this God, who cares enough to show me my sin and purge it from me… He is so patient with my abrasive, rebellious, independent heart. He softens me into something vulnerable and delicate. I love the freedom He gives. I don’t have to strive; I can freely give as I freely receive.

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Rachael said...

"The depth of my sin, when inverted, can't reach the heights of His grace and mercy." That is a powerful thought. What an awesome God we have!

[From a girl who picked up your book Here's to Hindsight at my church bookstore. Thanks for your honest portrait of walking in the faith--it is both encouraging and challenging.] God bless you.