Monday, February 15, 2010


Today's post in New York Daily Photo featured a picture of Doma, my favorite coffee shop in NYC. For those of you who read my 2nd book, Crowded Skies: Letters to Manhattan, you may recognize Doma as the place where I wrote most of the book.

In the picture on New York Daily Photo, the seat where I sat to write most of the book is where the gentleman in the gray pullover is sitting, on the far right edge of the photo.

Just wanted you all to see one of my favorite spots in all of Manhattan!

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Kelly said...

I'm in the middle of reading
"Crowded Skies" right now and just read about Doma. I also just finished "Here's to Hindsight" It was so good. I can relate to you in so many ways. I go to NewSpring in Greenville and saw you speak via video during the Identity series at Fuse where I'm a small group leader. I would absolutely love to meet you sometime, and just talk to you, but I'm never sure if you're out somewhere or in Anderson. Also you don't know me and I've no way to get in touch with you to meet you. I did see you had lunch with Megan Griffith recently,(on twitter, I follow you there too) she's AWESOME. I don't think we could've pulled off the MAKE WAR series w/o her. Just wanted to offer you some encouragement as your story in your books and some of your music has offered me.