Tuesday, February 24, 2009

#10 Things I Love

#10: Words

You're going to hate me after this post, because it's kind of soapbox-y. But honestly, it's all in good fun. So here we go.

I have a handful of favorite words. Topping the list is "archipelago." I love a clever pun or a phrase with a flourish (like "a phrase with a flourish" for instance). I even like smashing words together to come up with new words (e.g. "friendationship").

My love for words has prompted me to keep a list of the non-words I encounter. The posers, if you will. They've been slowly creeping into our vocabulary, and I'd like to make a stab at eliminating them from our lexicon. Here we go:

- Comfortability / Uncomfortability
These two cause me great discomfort. I'd like to feel more comfort.

- Irregardless
Regardless of whether you think this is a word or not, you shouldn't use it.

- I's
Example of usage: "Come to Lisa and I's apartment."

This got really screwed up because teachers told us that we should always use "I" when referring to ourselves. But that's only part of the story. Without getting all Little, Brown Handbook on you, here's a quick way to determine whether you should use "I" or "me" in your sentence. How would you say that same sentence if Lisa weren't involved? You'd say, "Come to my apartment." Let's try another one. What about "Have dinner with Lisa and I?" Eliminate Lisa and what you're left with is, "Have dinner with I." FAIL.

Proper usage:

"Come to Lisa's and my apartment."
"Have dinner with Lisa and me."

One thing you can always bank on, though: "I's" is never a word.

I know you didn't ask for an English lesson, so feel free to send I your hate mail now. It will bring I great uncomfortability when Lisa and me read it. Teehee. :)