Thursday, December 11, 2008

#11 Things I Love

#11: Gospel For Asia

If you're looking for an organization where you can sponsor a child or help dig a well, there are lots of go-to options. Here's why I chose Gospel For Asia.

- Every penny that I contribute goes directly to the child I sponsor. None of it is taken out for administrative purposes. Every person on staff with GFA raises their own financial support so that they don't have to draw from my donations.

- GFA promises that the child I sponsor will hear the Gospel every day at school. These children are taught to read via reading The Bible, so they learn about God's love for them for the first times in their lives, and often go home and share the Good News with their entire families. While many organizations can't guarantee that the Gospel will be shared with the children, many of GFA's missionaries risk their lives daily to share God's love even when they're beaten or their homes are burned as a result.

All that to say... I'm ecstatic about the new GFA Christmas Catalog! Christmas tends to drive me bonkers because everyone goes insane about gifts and presents and... frankly, I think it's a time of year when we instill selfishness into children and we continue to thrive on that greed throughout our adult lives. So let's turn the tide, shall we?

If you're still wondering what to get friends and family this year, please give something that will make a difference in the livelihood of struggling families in India. Gospel For Asia has options in all price ranges. You can find the rest at: GFA Gifts.

Gospel Literature: $1
Asian Language Bible: $3
8 New Testaments: $4
Blanket: $5
Chicken: $11
Vocational Training: $30
BioSand Water Filter: $30
Pigs: $55
Sewing Machine: $85
Bicycle: $110
Goats: $120
Jesus Wells: $1,000
New House: $5,000

I also recommend combining your money with a friend or Bible study group to do this as an act of charity during this Christmas season!