Thursday, September 25, 2008

We interrupt this blog series... bring you some news from Gospel For Asia, the organization I work with in India that builds schools for the Dalit children. If you've been to a concert, you may have heard me talk about them. At any rate, I got this email from one of the women on staff yesterday. These are our brothers and sisters. Prayers appreciated.

It's been an extremely sobering time for us here at the office, we are experiencing something that, apparently we have never seen before in India which is an organized attack against Christians by the fanatical religious groups who believe India should be an entirely Hindu nation.

This all happened with the murder of a leader of the VHP (a radical fundamentalist Hindu group). The media and other radicals have shifted the blame to Christians, and now they are constructing organized attacks against our churches and colleges.

The other night we were praying for an all girls college who - as we found out from an urgent report - were surrounded by a mob... The people are so scared right now, many of them are hiding in jungles and have no idea where their families are.

There's some information here that I found really helpful in better understanding the situation and of course, our website also has what's going on more from the perspective of our specific work.

Here's some stories of what's happening, not in the media but from an independent Christian blogger.

Religious violence in Orissa explained in this video


The Musician said...

Your link was no good for the blog, but I got there after some cutting and pasting. However, you might want to warn people (who may be in a fragile state - me) that it shows a charred human girl on the top of the page. I'm glad to know about this, but it was a little much for me to see. Just a thought.

Jud said...

Wow, I hadn't heard much about this. Thanks for the update and the link.