Monday, September 01, 2008

#23 - #21 Things I Love

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#23: Sermon Podcasts!!!
Some of you only get excited on the rare Tuesday when your favorite artist releases a new album every two years, but *I* get to experience that same excitement every Monday morning when I open up my iTunes account and get the free download of sermons from my favorite churches. Here is my Must Listen List:

- Matt Chandler, The Village Church (Denton, TX)
- Perry Noble, NewSpring Church (Anderson, SC)
- Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill Church (Seattle, WA)

I also love:

- Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian (New York, NY) - But you have to buy the sermons
- Greg Pinkner, Fellowship E-Free (Knoxville, TN)
- Francis Chan, Cornerstone Community Church (Simi Valley, CA)

#22: Toyota Camry

I'm on my 3rd Camry. I drove the first for 300,000 miles and sold it for $2000 while it was still running perfectly. I drove the second for 200,000 miles and sold it to my niece for $5000 while it was still running perfectly. I'm up to 70,000 miles on my current Camry. The love affair continues. If you know any of the suits at Toyota and wanna tell them to give me a free Camry next time, I'll gladly be the Jared to their Subway commercial. Bring it on.

#21: PedEgg

I longed for the PedEgg when I saw the infomercials, but I refused to buy anything off an infomercial. Eventually they appeared on an endcap at my local Walgreen's and I snatched one up for $9.99 (no shipping)!! Almost instantly my feet were restored to their original beauty... free of the daily grime from New York streets and callouses from runs at the gym. Soft as a baby's... foot. Whee!!

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