Tuesday, September 02, 2008

#20 Things I Love

#20: Paris

This past February, I went to Europe for the first time. I hadn't taken a vacation in eight years, and I happened upon a roundtrip flight to London for $300. My friend Jane took a week off work and we hopped across the pond to visit London. In case you haven't heard, the American dollar is about as strong as a third grade Mathlete, especially when compared to the Pound. But thanks to my dear friend Dovie, we had a flat to stay at for free, thereby making it entirely possible for us to visit. London was incredible!

Since the trip was fairly cheap by most standards of international travel, we decided to buy a $90 flight to Paris for a couple of days. Almost immediately upon landing, I was smitten. Smitten. Jane used her champion internet skills to land us a $100 room at the Paris Hilton. (Hah!) It was a couple of blocks from the Eiffel Tower, so we walked around the tower, across the river, grabbed some food, and slowly made our way back at 4:00 a.m. I despised my body's sleep requirements. I didn't want to waste a moment.

I could talk at length about my time in Paris, but the summary would be this: I cannot wait to go back.

Here are two of favorite photos from the trip. The first is the view from the awning under our hotel. The second is a restaurant that Jane and I ate at one night. It was uber-romantic, which means it totally sucked to be there with each other. Hah!




Carla Jean said...

My sister just left for Paris last night. I am so STUPIDLY jealous! I asked her to buy me a journal while she's there... sounded like a pretty good souvenir to me.

kelliinreallife said...

I DRRRRRRREAM of going to Paris. These pictures are great. How wonderful for you...even if you were with your friend. : )

amy ellen said...

Ummm, my favorite place EVER. Hands down. Of course, I did major in French and am getting my master's degree so that I can TEACH French. And I've already lived there twice. So I would. (I can already see the evil looks from readers that I am getting.) Tant pis. ;)

palomita said...

As much (or as little, depending on one's perspective) travel as I've done, Paris remains one of my top 5 favorite cities. I LOVE visiting and giving tours. I don't currently have ANY desire to live there, though.

Still hate that I wasn't there for your trip...but SO glad you got to spend the time in my two most beloved cities.