Tuesday, September 09, 2008

#17 Things I Love

#17: Fashion (in honor of Spring Fashion Week in NYC, which is this week!)

I didn't know an ounce about fashion before I moved to NYC. Somehow I got wrapped up with a bunch of models when I first moved to the City, and the information was imparted to me via osmosis.

I'm not a fashion snob, though. Labels don't mean much to me, and I don't need my style to be perceived as expensive (which is one reason I don't buy fake bags in Chinatown). In fact, I'm quite the frugal shopper. I'll shop on eBay or at TJ Maxx and rarely do I pay full price.

I love outfits that are feminine, creative, and well articulated. If it doesn't catch my eye right off, I pass. That's how I happened upon my favorite purchase from the spring. It's weird and it only cost $12, but I will keep it forever. Tada!



Amy said...

$12 well-spent! I love feathery things like that...you should totally wear it today.

germaine said...

beautiful as always miss thang... ;)

Love ~G

Lindsay said...

um, i think some poop birded on your head. just kidding!!! it's so very... fascinating! :-)

*FYI- some bigwig toyota guy is here this week to negotiate, so hopefully stephen and i will get word as to what's going on soon. And YES I'll tell them you love camrys.!

Lori said...

that's fierce!

The Musician said...

TLC, A rooster is eating your head!! Just kidding. You fashionista you.

Ali said...

Love the head piece - love it!