Friday, September 12, 2008

#16 Things I Love

#16: Blogs

In honor of my 200th post (woooo!!), I am blogging about my love for blogs. How very meta.

I use the Bloglines RSS feeder, and it has ruined me forever. My daily blogroll includes 77 blogs. Some of the news sites update 50+ times a day. I don't read all the posts but I scan at the very least. I know it's a bit of a "choose your news" situation, and that can be scary, but I try to maintain balance and pull from several outlets. I don't want to narrow the scope of my information and exposure so that it only serves to fuel my current viewpoints.

Some of the other things I read about are: new restaurants in NYC, sales in NYC, real estate in NYC, and um... several blogs by other leaders in the church and people in ministry.

What are your favorite blogs?


Anonymous said...

Well, I do enjoy reading yours. I've been liking this "Things That I Love" series. :) I love reading personal blogs of friends. I suppose my favorite "famous" blogs are: Sweet Juniper!, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, Dooce, and Daily Dose of Imagery.

Chip Gorman said...

I love Bloglines too. Most of my feeds are actually not blogs but boring, work-related feeds of industry news and such. I use the feed as well as a local paper but not much else on general news.

It seems like whenever I find a blog I like, I'll read it for a few weeks, and then the blogger goes on hiatus, often forever. Some announce it and some don't, but eventually I remove the feed from my list.

A couple blogs I really like:

The Suburban Christian
(the author just announced is going back to get his PhD and promises fewer posts, however.)

Creation Project
(I end up going to a lot of Jonathan Dodson's links and traveling outward from there.

Any chance that you would be willing to make public your Bloglines blogroll? Just askin'.

The Musician said...

I have an extensive blogroll too, but my favorites right now are:
Reuters - oddly enough news
and generally all my bloggy friends. You included.
I get the news too, but I tend to over indulge, so it's not a favorite so much as a problem. ;)

My Eco Self said...

I love all of these:

I must admit, since I discovered Bloglines, I've become a little obsessed too - which I why I am reading this at 12.20am...

Charles said...

Congrats on 200.... keep 'em coming.

I use blog lines too, but I recently had to bite the bullet and drop a few blogs. It had gotten out of hand I guess. BTW you survived the cut ( I know that was "sucking up" grin )

I suspect you know most of these but I like;

and some you may NOT know are

karen said...

Of course I love my own blogs! :)

I read Mary Kay-related blogs too.

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