Friday, August 22, 2008

25 Things I Love

A friend of mine is doing a series of blog posts called "25 Things I Love." Since I am in a bit of a blog-drought (induced by my book writing process, which has stolen all my creative energy), I am going to use her idea as fodder for new entries. Some of these may be things you've heard me mention before... if so, then I must really love those things to want to mention them to you multiple times.

Also, they aren't in order. So if I happen to mention that I love "The Bible" in #14 and "iced coffee" in #12, please don't take that as an indication that I prefer caffeine to the Word of the Lord, mmkay? Here we go:

#25: Thomas' Sahara Whole Wheat Pita + Tribe 40 Spices Hummus

The proper way to consume these products is to run water over both sides of the pita, shake it off, then throw it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds (I'm partial to 17). Then put a scoop of the hummus, which ideally will be cold from refrigeration, beside the pita. Not inside. Not on top. Not even touching it. Pull off pieces of the pita and swipe it through the hummus. Mmmm... perfect, right?

I've tasted a vast array of pitas and they all fall short of Thomas' Sahara. Also, I like many other types of hummus, but 40 Spices bites back, and it's not nearly as bad for you as other types! Bonus!


The Musician said...

Yay!! You've returned from the blog desert!

Lindsay said...

top 25 things I love:

#25: when TL writes new blogs.

#24: electricity (Fay stole our power!!! grrrr......)

ester said...

you are culturally appropriating the food of my people! luckily we love and forgive you. may you live long and continue reaching out to those who have never let the light of hummus into the darkness of their souls.

joanna said...

i hope you don't mind, but i stole your idea that you stole from your friend...

thanks for the fuel.

hope you're well old friend.