Tuesday, August 26, 2008

#24 Thing I Love

#24: My mattress

After a show in Lexington, Kentucky, the venue put me up at a local hotel. The posh rooms featured a gift basket with all manner of awesomeness: an eye mask, lotions, lavender pillow spray, a night light. On the bed beside the gift basket, I noticed a small placard advertising the company that made the mattress. It was TempurPedic.

I'd never had a better night's sleep in my life. I told everyone about it. I fantasized about owning a mattress like it. Alas, they were far beyond my means. UNTIL... Overstock.com started advertising TempurPedic-esque mattress toppers. I bought the 3" topper for about $100. The mattress that it currently tops is at least 20 years old, possibly 30 (I don't know for sure, because I inherited it from my grandparents), but it is still the most comfortable bed known to man.

Thank God for memory foam.

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Cal said...

We seriously love our memory foam mattress topper. It makes so much difference for sleeping.