Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cooking Up Some Awesome

Some of you may not know this, but I studied cooking at one point. I was so passionate about it then, but I haven't really gotten to do it much since I started touring. These days, even though my schedule has slowed, I live in an apartment with a kitchen that is roughly the size of my pancreas. I crave a big, open kitchen with lots of space to dance around in while I cook and bake.

In NYC, eating out is a fairly normal thing to do. Depending on where you're willing to eat, it's not much more expensive than cooking at home. There's a place in my neighborhood that will give you a free pizza (yes, a whole pizza) for every beer you buy.

That's all well and good, but I wanna sling some batter! So I'm trying to cook more. And I want to tell you about this superb new device I purchased for $4 at TJ Maxx! It has been assisting me in my attempts not to burn myself as I maneuver my body into the positions required to fit all four limbs into my kitchen simultaneously. Behold, The Grabber:

It's a step up from the OveGlove. An even bigger step up from the traditional oven mitt. This is something even a dude could use without shame. It's not frilly. And you can order it here for $7.99 if you can't find one in the stacks at TJ Maxx.

Now... off to defrost something made of meat.


Brantley said...

I was given one of those one time. At first you might think it is kind of a girly gift. I mean not only was it an oven mitt but it was shaped like a sea bass. She said "at least it's an ill tempered sea bass." lol, Mr Powers anyone?

Amy said...

Got any good recipes for mac n' cheese or potato salad?

Those are the last things I tried to make from scratch...and they were both pretty dreadful. But everyone pretended to like them. :)

Leslie said...

Just had to say that the mention of your kitchen being the size of your pancreas gave me a good laugh!

DJ Wilson said...

Ha! I actually have one of these and it's AWESOME! I will be bringing it to NYC with me. Definitely a great little kitchen aide.

Amanda Michele Steed said...

Amy - I have a good recipe for Potato Salad - two actually. Send me a message if you would like them.


Sarah McGalliard said...

yess, i have one of these as well and i am also passionate about cooking (baking to be presice). it is a lovely tool except i tend not to use it and burn myself just about every other day.
good luck with your attempts to get in the kitchen more, i have actually been pushing myself to do the same!