Sunday, July 20, 2008

By Comparison

People often comment on how NYC has the most beautiful people in the world (and yes, we do), but here's something to remember: while some people are naturally beautiful, others spend small fortunes to look that way. Not just on plastic surgery, but on laser skin resurfacing, cellulite massages, personal trainers, organic meals, toxic cleanses, hair stylists, manicures, pedicures, waxing, tanning, stylists, etc.

Hear me out on this: It doesn't mean that people who don't invest in those things are better than the people who do. OR worse than them. It just means that if you can't afford to spend the $20,000 a month that Jennifer Aniston does to maintain her beauty, then you shouldn't feel inadequate when you compare yourself to her.

One of my desires is that I will stop comparing myself to others. It's not what God intended when He created us -- it turns us into divisive, catty, selfish people. I pray that God will heal those broken parts in us and restore us into people who will encourage and lift up our sisters with words of life.

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. - Phil. 2:3


wackyjackie said...

I really like your blog. I accidently clicked on "Stranger Than Fiction" because it is one my favorites and yours popped up on my screen. Anyways I am a gemini too. Yours is great to read. Stop by mine if you'de like =) I also appreciate your words on comparing yourself. One of my favorite quotes from my Dad is that "comparing yourself to others can only make you bitter or vain". Cheers.

Sarah McGalliard said...

wonderful words of wisdom, this is my prayer as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recent, bold posts about all this, Miss Tlc Cobble. I am one of the guilty who often thinks I am better than others because I do not spend this kind of money when the truth is, if I had tons of money, I very well might get my cellulite and half my thigh lasered away! So thanks for the needed pride wake-up! And thanks for the HUGE awakening that men are not the only one's who need to make a covenant with their eyes when it comes to looking at women! I for one am SO SICK AND TIRED of myself and SO MANY OTHER Christ loving women(and all women for that matter)hurt or in bondage because of the body image issues that come from comparing ourselves. I am so saddened by it. And very angry. Angry because it's exactly where Satan wants us to be and it seems like so often, he's winning. He works on us from such a young age, the sneaky bastard. I, for one, waste so much time with a mind focused on my "insufficiencies", looking at myself through this ridiculous, media inspired microscope and fail to see myself and my sisters through the mirror that Christ sets before us. Our bodies are for him, not us. He gave us bodies to be vessels to do house his spirit and do his work and as an added GIFT, to enjoy earth's bountiful blessings. I don't think I can do either when my mind is beating myself up because I ate a flipping cookie or when I'm looking at the model on the subway wondering what in the world it would be like to be able to have those perfect legs. Nope, the mind's definitely not on being an ambassador for Christ then. Unfortunately I spend way more time wondering what those legs would be like instead of wondering what life is like for those people who don't have legs or can't use them. I bet mine look pretty dang perfect to them. And more unfortunately, there are many mornings when I can find time to get my butt to the gym but not to read God's living & sustaining word. Shame on me! God thru me is better than that! I heard Beth Moore once say that we should be the size and spend the time on ourselves that allows us to live freely. That's gonna be a different size and different dollar amount for everyone. But I pray that we'll all have the wisdom to listen to that check in our spirits that says, "ok, you're no longer just taking care of yourselves for your mental and physical health, you're now crossing the line into unhealthiness and poor stewardship". And I for one am gonna try like the dickens to not let my eyes linger on a woman and compare myself to her. And when I do find this happening, for the next week I'm going to say a quick prayer, thanking God for my health and asking him to heal my insecurities and to show me how I can bless someone with the blessings he gave me. For all woman and especially those of us who profess that God is our standard: let's not waste one more minute not having fun, going to a beach, eating a dad-gum cookie without guilt, wearing something beautiful or making love to our husbands with abandon because, gasp, we might have cellulite or we don't look like "her". Enough's enough! And enough with the lies that we have to kill ourselves to look good enough for a man! My spirit knows that 10 minutes more in the word and 10 less on the treadmill will make me way more attractive to the type of man I want to attract. Ok. I'm done now. Please excuse the length of this. I was in a mood.

Kelli said...

Great insight!

Someday Sarah said...

im not gonna lie, tlc... that link just pissed me off. i know she is held to higher standards, but, she could adopt a child a month, or feed a dying country. i could pay off all my student loans in 3 months with what she spends on crap.
dont ever get crazy like that, ok?

Anonymous said...

Although I think you have an excellent point, and that many people do spend a sickening amount of money on making themselves look good, I have to point out that the "$20,000 a month" statistic was taken from a National Enquirer magazine I wouldn't hold much to it. Sorry- I had to defend Jennifer :) Like I said, I'm sure celebrities spend way to much, but I did have to point out the source!