Friday, June 13, 2008

Working in the Arts

*The NY Times has a report on the N.E.A.’s study of working artists (including architects and designers) in the United States.

Interesting tidbits:

- “More Americans identify their primary occupation as artist than as lawyer, doctor, police officer or farm worker.”
- “More than one in four artists live in California and New York, where their sheer numbers are overwhelming compared to the artist colonies in other states.”
- “Overall, artists make more than the national median income.”

One of my favorite quotes of late is from Aubrey Spears: "Truth has bigger muscles in art." I've heard that gun control activists made very little difference in the legislation... until someone wrote a movie called Bambi. Then things shifted dramatically. Art opens up people's hearts, softens their core.

Want to change the world? Want to impact culture using your gifts? Come to New York.

*Via Tom & Alissa


Christine said...

That was enough to convince me - I'm packing my bags!

aspiring_musician said...

have statistics aligned with experience for you in New York? do you find more people introduce/identify themselves as artists in one way or another?

uptown girl said...

Yep I quit my job at the UN and drove miles to L.A. to live with my family (am currently broke as a nail) - to pursue what I HOPE, with a capital H is God's leading into a career in the arts. It feels like total insanity, but when I read stuff like this, it helps me see that maybe there's something to this crazy yearning that's been knocking on my heart all these years. Thanks for posting!