Thursday, May 15, 2008


Two things:

1. Please join me in a celebration over the recovery of my lost Moleskine. It was, after all, behind my friend Meredith's bed. Tonight she placed it in my trembling hands. I'm never letting it out of my sight again.

2. Please forgive me for my delay in blogging about men, women, and relationships. It's coming, I promise. Right now I'm trying to sort through the email questions (AHEM... I notice that no one left questions in the comments but you all emailed me with them. How brave of you. Hah! Kidding!) I've been taken up with a few other projects this week, and I will commence blogging about men and women soon.

I dig you guys so much.



Lindsay said...

YAYAYAY!!!!! I'm so glad you found your notebook. Nothing is sweeter than the relief of lost things found. I hate losing things!!! So hip hip hooray!

jenni said...

Hey, where did you find a blue Moleskine?? I love Moleskines, and blue is my favorite color.... Do tell.

Brad Ruggles said...

Ever since you found your Moleskine you stopped blogging. What's up with that???

Brad Ruggles //