Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Love, I May Leave You

Love, I may leave you
For another Lover
Or even a (lower-case) lover
Someday you may be my past

You won me with your stature
Where men build and rebuild Babel
To secure their names forever
In architectural glory

Languages scatter and reconvene
Like the B, the D, the V
Here, you encircle my heart
With the Hudson and the East

But we are only a graph paper romance
Where people move like lattice
At right angles, on flat pages
And my desires are a third dimension

Loosen your grip, love
Tomorrow I may leave you
My story has another page
And you are not the end.


Emily said...

I love the fact that you've taken a friend's advice and are posting more poetry. It's so refreshing. Beautiful writing.

Anonymous said...

Don't leave!

TLC said...

TNY: No plans to leave now or ever!! I'm just addressing the reality that someday God ("Lover") may call me elsewhere, or that I may marry someone (lower-case "lover") who lives far away, or whatever... It helps to remind myself that this isn't eternal, because it not only establishes that as a possibility in my head, but it also helps me to enjoy my time here more, to live it fully.