Thursday, April 10, 2008

An Inheritance for the Waitress

This quote has been gradually sinking in over the past week, and I want to tell you how much it blows my mind:

“Our value lies not in how we view ourselves but in what God was willing to pay to redeem us.” – Janet Congo, M.A.

We are so loved by God that He gave up His power and glory so that He could have a relationship with us for eternity. And we can do nothing to earn that love, nothing to maintain it. Christianity is the true inverse of every religion in existence. And it doesn’t even go along with the way we operate in society—where we are expected to earn our keep, prove ourselves worthy, or at the very least, be good, moral people.

The thing is—we’ve got nothing good to offer a Holy God. Nothing. We can’t even be good people. But here’s what’s so amazing about what He did for us… follow me:

You know those stories about how some elderly millionaire goes to a diner and the pretty waitress is especially nice to him, and when he dies a week later, he leaves her his entire fortune? Well, I was just thinking tonight… that’s kind of what God did for us except that we are not pretty and we don’t do anything nice for Him. In fact, we spit in His face, doubt Him, deny Him, and leave Him for dead.

And what does He do? He rises from the dead and promises us an eternal hope and a love that cannot be shaken. It is inconceivable… and I’m so glad it’s true.


just_jonah said...

That really is "good news". And when the news is that good it is just impossible to keep it to ourselves, else we would burst!

Love gives birth to love.

Anonymous said...

so i dropped that one on my SS Class wast week. we got into Romans 5 6-8 we might think we "all good" but the truth is. dirt but not the good clean kind the nasty stuff that smells like... well you pick.
nc agb