Thursday, April 10, 2008

Joy Transmitters (by Mattel)

Psalm 45 (From Psalms Now)
My heart is full of joy today. I reach almost frantically for the sounds that might express that joy,
the words that would proclaim the exuberance that I feel at this moment.
I am overwhelmed with praise, and I must express it lest I succumb to it.
You, my dear friend, were the source of this joy. You touched me with love and awakened my sleeping heart to the beauty and fragrance of life around me.
God reached out through your devotion and concern to kindle anew a fire within me, to fan embers into the flames of light and faith. You marched into my jungle of despair and made a path for me to walk on once more. You sliced through my confusion and gave order and motivation to my purposeless gropings.

I am so very grateful-to God and to you. I pray that God may use me, as He has so abundantly used you, to transmit joy to the joyless, despairing lives of those who cross my path.
And I pray that God may bless you and keep you and use you forever.

*not really by Mattel -- I just always used to love those toy commercials as a kid

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