Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Free From My History

Beth and I like to tell each other what to do. We are the bosses of each other. She has been encouraging me to write and post more poetry, especially since April is National Poetry Month, so I'm obliging. Some of the things I post will be older, written years ago. Some will be new, like this one, which I wrote about five minutes ago. I am not under the illusion that it is good. But I still like it, because it is true. That's what matters to me about this poem. Yay!

Free From My History

I’ve been carrying two questions
One heavy and occasional
The other, light and constant
Impediments to my progress
Not from their presence,
But from the absence of answers
As if they stole the stones from my path
Leaving me uncertain where to step.

And God in His goodness,
When He bent down to love me,
Took the burdens from my back,
The questions from my head,
And built the answers beneath my feet.
Today I move forward
Today I am free from my history
Today I am at peace, in love with Him.


germaine said...

me, I like it... it does speak truth... :)

Love ~G

Anonymous said...

POETRY! I do love it!! It is true, and the image is a new one (new to me at least), so it's a win in my book.

The Boss of You

Christine said...

You are brilliant. I love seeing how you express yourself with words!

Chasity Forrester said...

I am so glad to see this poem up. Goodness.. yes that is the word for HIM Goodness!