Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dear The World:

Dear The World:

I am grieving the loss of my tiny cobalt blue Moleskine notebook. I lost it somewhere near you. It might've been in the guest lodging at Malone College in Canton, OH... or perhaps the bed and breakfast in Winchester, IL. Or even the Holiday Inn near Hannibal-LaGrange College in MO. Maybe even behind Meredith's bed in Nashville, TN (but probably not).

While I can continue living and breathing without it, I'd really love to have it back. It has my name and phone number in the front of it, and it contains documentation of some of the most amazing things God has ever said to me. Scripture, sermon notes, song ideas, scribbles for another book idea, and a list of my girlfriends' prayer requests for the past several months. The longer it's gone, the more I miss it. Please let me know if you have it or see it or know where it is. On the off-chance that you stole it from me, you can mail it back to me anonymously... no hard feelings, mmkay?

It looks like this, except it's cobalt blue. If you saw me with it recently, please let me know where... this helps me narrow down the places where it might be found.

Thank you, world.


Brad Ruggles said...

Losing a Moleskine is sad indeed. I hope you find it.

Brad Ruggles

mandy foster said...

any luck yet?

amy ellen said...

That's so sad, Tara Leigh! :(

jt said...

AH! oh my gosh. when you were telling me about your moleskin, i don't know why but i thought you were talking about like... a fur! HAHAHAH. i am such an idiot. i thought you had like, a mink stole or something (made out of mole?!?! what?!?!) and you lost it. and i was like 'wow, peta really wouldn't like tlc." oh geeze. in any case, i'm really glad it was found. :)