Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Body Language

There's a great series happening right now at one of my Three Favorite Churches. It's called Sex, Money & Power: The Man Series. I don't think there's a person alive who can't relate to the things Perry Noble talks about in this series at NewSpring Church... even you, ladies!!!

In last Sunday's sermon "Body Language," Perry spoke the tough truths about sexual temptation. Every time I read about or hear about this topic, something in me feels so defeated. I remember reading the book Every Man's Battle and feeling entirely hopeless. There are so few men who are willing to take up the challenge of fighting sexual temptation, and so few women who take care to dress in a way that doesn't provoke it. We are all so very broken.

One of the things I love about Perry's preaching is that he provides useful applications. Somehow that redirects my hopelessness into a place where I feel like healing and growth is possible. Still, it will require tons of accountability and prayer to maintain these objectives:

Perry's Ten Commandments For Avoiding Sexual Temptation

1. He will have no other human relationships before his wife, including the kids.
2. He will remember date night and keep it holy.
3. He will always view his wife through the eyes of Christ and see her as the standard of beauty in his life. (What?! Awesome.)
4. He will never think that he is above temptation. (I Cor 10:12)
5. He will never spend time alone with another woman (even on a car ride) or travel alone.
6. He will not talk about his spouse in a negative manner.
7. He will not ever discuss the intimate details of his marriage with anyone other than his wife.
8. He will not watch pornography or expose himself to other illicit materials that will cause him to lust after other women and devalue his wife to a mere sex object.
9. He will not confuse fantasy and reality.
10. He will not forget the 7th commandment (“Do not commit adultery.”)

It challenges me to want to write out my own list of ways that I will avoid involvement in sexual temptation... but that's probably because I'm Type A, and I looooove me some lists! :) If you have suggestions for what should go on a woman's list, even if (or perhaps especially if) you're not a woman, leave 'em in the comments!

If you want to listen to the whole sermon (and trust me, you do), you can download it here, stream it here, and watch the video of it here.


Christine said...

This list is spot on! I remember one of my mentor ladies telling me to never sad anything bad about my husband to anyone. I have thought about that so many times. And I'm learning now how in marriage we are really supposed to cover each other. It's such a sacred thing.

TLC said...

Stine, you've been an awesome example of that!! I remember Boo talking about that as well as Judy (my mentor)... it seems like the healthiest marriages I know are ones in which I've never heard either party say anything negative about the other. You and SB have a stellar thing!! :) I'm encouraged.

Brantley said...

Do ladies struggle with that? I always thought with guys it was with their eyes while ladies it was with their mind. Like the romance novels where they can share their thoughts with a special guy. I've seen a lot of women become close friends with a guy who they are not dating or married to and it caused the same sort of problems that guys who flirt with attractive women did.

I would suggest the list to include :
1) I will not share personal details about my life with another man (#5)
2) I will remember that he is a guy and will never be as perfect at communication as I am (#9)
3) etc

A California girl... said...

To be blunt about lust and where it takes us...I had a pastor once who's advice was, "No part of you should be in any part of them and vice versa." I was shocked to hear him say that in a church service...but after thinking about's an interesting dating concept to avoid situations you don't want to test yourself in.

Also, I'm a supporter of counseling - so that might be an acception to the rule of sharing details about your marriage...