Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beauty for Ashes

Separate verses from Isaiah 61 have been coming to my mind all day long, and I had no idea they were all in the same chapter until I went to look them up tonight, and there they were... all knit together beautifully in one place.


They covered my skin with strokes of paint
Telling me what they saw from the outside
Making their point about what I am, what I never can be,
Shaming me for the way He wove me.

Somewhere buried inside, I knew better
Knew this was a gift, a beautiful thing
But no words could convince them
I did not have the power to persuade, so I kept silent.

This is part of me—not all, but part
The truth struggled to peek through my conversations
And, half-fearful of its own goal, hid itself again
Disgraced, I collapsed from the weight of their words.

Then, from the corner of my eye...

Then, illumination of everything...

Then, instead of being shamed...

Then, the sweetest freedom...


Christine said...

This gave me chills. This is absolutely beautiful.

Kristianna said...

Thank you so much.