Monday, March 03, 2008

Your Weekend Plans

Looks like somebody's got a case of the Mondays. Please allow me to help. I'm sure your problem stems from that boring, routine weekend you've been having since halfway through freshman year of college. You're stuck in the rut of hanging out at the same places, watching the same Seinfeld reruns on TV, and eating the same barbecue potato chips in the same chair, staining your hands with a disgusting orange glow that will last til mid-week. BORING.

As always, I'm here to spice up your life... to add a little excitement, a little change, and a side of awesome.

So I've arranged to make NEXT weekend the most memorable on (future) record. Here's what you're going to do.

Step 1: Get in your car and point it toward Anderson, SC.

Step 2: Drive. Listen to all your favorite CDs because you're going to want to throw them in the trash soon.

Step 3: Arrive here.

Step 4: Put on some ear plugs and pre-book an appointment with your chiropractor, because you're going to be throttled by the Man-Rock sounds of Lee McDerment. It's "worship music for dudes" but the ladies won't feel left out, I promise. This CD is currently in heavy rotation in my car and in my brain.

Looks like your weekend is going to be awesome! You can thank me later. (For those of you who have to miss out for some lame reason, be sure to pick up a copy of the CD after the release date, March 7.)

Lee's Album Banner

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Christine said...

Ooooooh, niiiice. That is by far one of the coolest album covers I've seen.