Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Sometimes I make recommendations. Occasionally I will strongly suggest something. But rare are the times when I will plead with you to do something. This is one of those times.

My world has been BLOWING UP lately, in the best way possible, and I attribute a lot of that to the wisdom and truth that comes from a Dallas-area preacher named Matt Chandler. I downloaded all his sermons and I can't stop listening to them--they're even better than Rita's Italian Ice Mango Gelati. I swear.

So if you think you can handle honesty and humor and wisdom all at once, then do not pass go, just click here:

The Village Church - free iTunes podcasts

I highly recommend the following:

- Heart Matters series
- Role of Men series
- Ecclesiastes series

Now stop reading my blog and click on that link. PLEASE.


Luke said...

I can second that. Occasionally, I'll go visit The Village for a Saturday night service, and it's always good. Out of curiosity, how'd you hear about him?

TLC said...

Hey Luke!

It's almost the 1-year anniversary of friendship! Yay!

As for Matt Chandler, I heard about him through my friend Nathan. Nathan has never been to his church either, but he listens to a lot of sermon podcasts. I have been listening to Mark Driscoll, Greg Pinkner, Tim Keller (my pastor), and some others, but man... Matt Chandler is the business!! If I lived within a 3-hour drive of there, I would be there every Sunday!!

Luke said...

I know! I was just chatting on IM with Stephanie about meeting you last year. Hopefully, I'll run in to you again someday. It's a small world after all.

Well, you're far more committed to getting to good preaching than I am. I drive 20 minutes to my regular church and grumble. Terrible, I know. The Village is about 45 minutes away, and sometimes that's all it takes to keep me at home. But, yes, Matt has a real gift. The first time that I heard him, he was a guest speaker at the mid-week bible study at my old church. I remember leaving there being totally focused on getting home because I needed to fall on my face and do business with the Lord. After that, I downloaded a bunch of his stuff and became a visitor to his church.

just_jonah said...

WOW! Thank you.

The Lancasters said...

Hey there! I loved your book which I read last summer! Your music is beautiful as well :) I go to the Village (hubby works there) and I agree, Matt is wonderful and God definitely uses him to minister and teach people!

TLC said...

The Lancasters - thanks so much for your encouragement! That helps to ease the pain of my intense jealousy that you get to be a part of the Village community. I pray for you guys daily...


P.S. I have a new book out now! It's called "Crowded Skies." If I ever make it to the Village Church, I will have to get you acquainted with a copy. :)

The Lancasters said...

Sorry, I keep commenting b/c I didn't know how else to write you :) If you go to my blogspot and look at my friends list, The Chandlers are on there and that's Matt's wife, Lauren. She's the one who told me about your blog b/c she knew I liked your book and music. You may have known that but if not, I was going to tell you. I will definitely get acquainted with your new book and hope you come visit us soon! Let me know!
-Tarrah Lancaster (Adam's my husband and he does all visual arts & graphic design stuff:))