Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Tonight I wrapped the third of four release parties for the new book... it has been so much fun! Thanks to all of you who showed up to hang out, buy the book, or eat free cheese. I love you all!

I had some special guests at the show tonight that made it such a fun time (not that you all aren't wonderful!).

- My friend Matt, whom I hadn't seen in over 12 years and whom I thought still resided in LA.
- Matt's mother, a personal writing hero of mine. Let me put it this way: she wrote many of Bob Hope's jokes. Yes!!
- Three lovely ladies (Annie, Amy, H!) who drove 7 hours roundtrip during a TORNADO to be there.

Which brings me to now... I am sitting in my friend Meredith's guest bedroom, listening to the tornado alarm sound. It's been going off for hours, the sounds mixing together with the thunder, sheets of rain thrown around in the wind, and the hail bouncing off the roof. Sometimes I really miss living in an area that gets hit with beautiful, moody rainstorms every spring. I have fond memories of gathering in my basement with my roommates and a stack of candles whenever I lived here in Nashville. Tonight the weather feels more threatening, as we have no basement... we are safe for now (much thanks to all of you who have written or texted to ask!).

But please pray for the people of Union University in Jackson, who have been hit pretty hard. From what I understand, the dorms were directly hit, but there are no reported casualties.


Catherine said...

I hope you and any of your friends in the area are safe.
My prayers are with you, God bless.

h. said...

thanks for the shoutout! it was fun and we made it back safely after we waited it out in our friends closet :)

theres nothing like a renegade roadtrip on a school night with natural disasters.