Thursday, January 17, 2008

Saturdays Are Red: My Synesthesia (Jason Boyett)

Jason Boyett, who wrote all those famous little Pocket Guides, mentioned me briefly in his latest blog entry.

Although he and I have never met, he was gracious enough to write a recommendation for my first book and I'll be sending him a copy of my new book in hopes that he'll say equally nice things.

Side-note: I recently met Jason Morant in a coffee shop in Nashville. When he extended his hand and offered his name, I said, "Jason Boyett?!?! It's so great to finally meet you!"

Apparently, all the years of standing in front of a blaring monitor have left me not only deaf, but socially awkward, too.


Jason Boyett said...

Thanks for the trackback, Tara Leigh. And nice job confusing the dark-haired singing Jason with the blond-haired writing Jason. That takes some serious social chops.

All best,


Anonymous said...

I have met Jason Morant before he's the nicest guy. He played at the youth camp I help with. I am sure he laughed it off. No worries. We all still love ya. Can't wait to get the new book either