Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wait For It...

In the next few days, you will be able to pre-order your copy of my new book!! It's the follow-up to my last book, Here's to Hindsight: Letters to My Former Self. And seriously, you guys, it's going to be awesome. If my last book changed your life, then this will totally change it back again. It will erase all the damage I've done, I swear.

Please drop the restraining order,

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We all struggle and scrape and pray, trying to find the piece of life with our name on it. I’ve been frustrated by my mistakes, my lack of clarity, and my unwillingness to do the right thing even when I finally do figure it out.

In one episode of Seinfeld, George Costanza decided to do the opposite of everything he was naturally inclined to do, in hopes that life would turn out better for him. Sometimes that seems like the right answer for me, too, because I’ve found that I usually want the things that aren’t the best for me. That’s why it came as such a surprise to find a place where my desires and God’s desires seemed to overlap. Against all odds, that place was New York City. And I have found Him here, amidst the skyscrapers and street vendors.

Figuring out God’s plan for my life has been beautiful and terrifying, but I’m so glad to be on the journey with Him. He has displayed a power enormous enough to heal my deepest wounds, yet intimate enough for the smallest moments—like the time He painted my wall. I hope my stories will remind you of all the ways He has shown up in yours.



“In a world of self-help, 10-step, how-to books on living a better life, Crowded Skies is refreshing and encouraging look at what it means to simply walk with Jesus. Tara Leigh gives us an insider’s view of how God works mysteriously and miraculously in the little details of life: showing up on sidewalks, in coffee shops, and in the hearts of human beings.”
- Lee McDerment, worship pastor, NewSpring Church

“If you like Tara Leigh’s first book, Here’s to Hindsight, you’ll love Crowded Skies. If you don’t like either of these books, it’s because you haven’t read them yet.”
- Josh Wilson, recording artist


Jo said...

LOVE the cover my darling! It looks amazing!

Christine said...

LOVE how it turned out!!!!!!!!!