Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Caffeine Curve

Inspired by The Positivity Blog, I decided to post about my recent divorce from caffeine.

About six weeks ago (ish), I decided to give up caffeine altogether. No more coffee, green tea, or SFRB (Sugar Free Red Bull). I decreased my intake over the course of a week. During that week, a very strong and angry sea monster moved into my apartment and forced me to sleep all the time. Eventually, he missed the sea and decided to leave my apartment. That took about a week.

So what is life like for me now? Well, I miss the coffee culture... sitting in cafes with a hot mug in my hands, the smell of hazelnut beans, using my bean grinder in the morning to shock myself into waking up. However, I really do feel better. I wake up easier, I fall asleep easier, and I have a greater sense of mental clarity.

It also helps that I have found the greatest beverage on earth to drink now, and it happens to be caffeine free. I've had more than 30 cups a week since I discovered it a few weeks ago, thanks to my friend Beth. It is so good that my mom just had me order 20 boxes for her. And at least 75% of my friends who have tried it rush out to buy it immediately. I've even become "that girl" -- the annoying one who brings her own tea bags to a restaurant and just asks for a cup of hot water. But I do it because there is no way I'm going to drink their crappy teas when I have this little packet of heaven in my purse!!!

Seriously, you guys, it tastes like the inside of Cracker Barrel smells. It is like Christmas in my mouth. And even better... it's only $4.99 per box, which means that I can drink an entire box for roughly the same cost as a cup of coffee!

Go get you some! (Available at Whole Foods)

Good Earth Original Organic


Christine said...

Ohhhh, I knew it was only a matter of time that this tea would get its own blog post :)

teh = the said...

So, is this one of those things where you give up one thing to become obsessed with something else? I did that. I had to give up Friends when it went off the-air, but then i found myself strangely attracted to other shows to get my fix. NOthing really ever replaced it.

If you know of anyone or anything looking to be my next "controlled substance" please let me know. They may fill out an application at my blog...

amy ellen said...

I found the solution to the Friends thing. DVD collections. I own all 10 seasons. It's like it never went off the air. That, and it comes on TBS every 3 hours or something like that. The sad thing is, I watch it on TBS a lot too. And I'll say "Oh no...this is a two parter, and it doesn't come on at 7:00" like I don't own the set or something. It's a sickness. Snaps for you, Tara Leigh about the caffeine thing. I have cut it down to only 1 cup of coffee in the AM and water for the rest of the day...but maybe I need to try this tea. Hmmm.

TLC said...

Amy Ellen:

Oh, I've coveted that 10-season set, but the cheapest I've found it is $50 plus a kidney (black market deal, available only in NYC). I'm just not ready to commit like that.

And as for the coffee, congrats to you for getting down to 1 cup a day! I knew I had a problem when one Sunday in Seattle had me drinking 11 cups between 7am and 1pm. ELEVEN. In six hours.

amy ellen said...

Well, I'm pretty sure I have invested a few internal organs in my Friends collection. You see, I did not buy them as a set but individually through the years. Some were gifts, others were purchased. So...basically, throw in a liver and a lung, and the 50 dollars, and the kidney, and you just about have it. Ha! (And 11 cups of coffee in one day means it's time to seek help. I am proud of you, Tara Leigh.) :)

Are you coming to Greeneville when the new book comes out? Let me know!

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