Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Europe, you're up.

Dear Europe:

I'm coming there in February, and I need places to stay. Do you happen to know any people who live there who would be willing to host Jane (yes, THE Jane, of Here's to Hindsight fame) and me? We're planning to go to:

- London (might have a place to stay while we're there, but not sure yet)
- Paris (probably only 2 nights)
- Barcelona maybe (1 night only)
- Venice maybe (1 night only)

If you or someone awesome that you know lives in any of these places and would like to host us and/or give us the skinny on their city, please drop me a comment or an email -- tlc at tara leigh cobble with the period followed by the com.

First Timer


Christine said...

I hate you.

Amy said...

cheers from london town! yes, i do in fact live in london. unfortunately, i live in a studio apartment with my husband and we won't have room for you. the good news is that i'm part of a church and could ask around if you still need a place to stay. or at the very least, would love to come to your concert! will you post more info about dates/times/locations on your website? would love to see you, since the last time i saw you was in my home state in evergreen, CO!