Friday, November 30, 2007

R.I.P. Evel

Evel Knievel died today.

I got my first motorcycle when I was five years old, and I loved watching Evel do his tricks. He inspired two of my brothers as they pursued motorcross racing, and he even inspired a Kanye video.

I had a big crush on him when I was a kid, despite the fact that he was about a trillion years older than me. He was adventurous and brazen, yet humble and respectful in every interview I ever saw.

R.I.P. Evel.

More Christmas Willises. Er... Wishes.

Click here and wait for it... wait for it...

Christmas Card From All Of Us

I think you'll find it's totally worth it.

P.S. And if you DON'T wait, then you'll have no idea what the title of this blog entry is even referring to, and then you will feel lame!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mmm... is that Christmas in the air? No?

Merry Christmas from Poodolph!

Because I'm The Boss of You...

If I were a lobbyist, this would fall somewhere near the top of my list of passions:


Never heard of 'em? Here's what they are: little convex mirrors that stick to the side mirrors of your car, enabling you to see 360 degrees with just a slight turn of your head. That way, you don't have to turn around to see if you can merge, thereby avoiding slamming into the car in front of you or accidentally veering into another lane. Get one for each side of your car. Get two for each of your cars! And people, listen... this is important: those puppies are CHEAP!

Here is what they look like:

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They're available at Target in the auto section for about $2 each. Or you can buy them online here for 99 cents each. I recommend the 2-inch round stable convex (not the twisty one). I've had them on my cars since I started driving, and those are my favorite kind. However, if you have a larger automobile, you might want to go with the 3".

You can thank me later. In small, unmarked bills.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Europe, you're up.

Dear Europe:

I'm coming there in February, and I need places to stay. Do you happen to know any people who live there who would be willing to host Jane (yes, THE Jane, of Here's to Hindsight fame) and me? We're planning to go to:

- London (might have a place to stay while we're there, but not sure yet)
- Paris (probably only 2 nights)
- Barcelona maybe (1 night only)
- Venice maybe (1 night only)

If you or someone awesome that you know lives in any of these places and would like to host us and/or give us the skinny on their city, please drop me a comment or an email -- tlc at tara leigh cobble with the period followed by the com.

First Timer

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

DMHO - Rally!

Dear friends,

I've excerpted this from Josh Wilson's blog, and it's all still true for me, but I would like to add one thing: I kind of used to go out with Justin, the trombone player who is featured (i.e. made fun of) in the video below. He also played some of the piano parts on my last album. Josh, however, did not date Justin.

Some very good friends of mine are in a band called "Denver and the Mile High Orchestra" (DMHO for short). For the past six weeks they have been performing on a FOX television show called "The Next Great American Band." It's a lot like "American Idol" for bands. The show started out with 12 bands, and now that half of the season is over, Denver and the guys are in the Top 6. Be sure to watch and vote this Friday night as they compete for a spot in the Top 5. You can check out their music at They can't reply to MySpace messages until the show is over, but go ahead and add them as a friend. Here's a video of a performance from the show two weeks ago.

The Best Gift EVER!

Okay, I have three presents for you, but only one of them is a present. You'll see what I mean:

1. I named my book. I'm sure you're dancing around your computer now, as you've been holding your breath for daaays. And so here it is, the follow-up to Here's to Hindsight: Letters to My Former Self:

Crowded Skies: Letters to Manhattan

I couldn't resist the continuity, and my designer threatened to kill me if I didn't let him use the word "Manhattan" which he described as "a beautiful word, a veritable cityscape of lettering." And then when I saw all those double t's alongside all those a's and n's and e's together, I knew he was right.

I'll post more info soon about how you can PRE-ORDER the NEW BOOK as a CHRISTMAS GIFT for a loved one (including yourself). How's that for subtle?

2. Speaking of things that are threatening to kill me (i.e. my designer, see above), I am still getting emails about a certain article I wrote two years ago. Seriously, people?

I'm fairly certain that one of them is behind this proposed monstrosity in my neighborhood, which will certainly contribute to my demise, as well as the demise of New York City, its history, architectural integrity, beauty, and character. Keep this crap out of here.

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3. Finally, the gift. If you want to give someone something that will truly change them, you, and the world around you, give a gift in their honor from the GFA gift catalog. Gifts start at $1 and you can give things like a water purifier ($25), a Bible ($3), chickens ($10), goat ($55), or a bicycle for a missionary ($105). You will not regret it, and if the person you give it to doesn't like it, then they are a soul-less chump. This will be a good way to really find out what your friends are made of. If they act all disappointed, then punch them in the kidneys!

Here's the link:
GFA Christmas Catalog

Oh, I should probably take back that part about punching them in the kidneys... based on responses I've gotten to previous writings, I might still be getting letters about it in 2009.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Name my book...

Dear readers:

Sorry for the delay in posting. The good news is: I have a new(ish) car! His name is Linus and I will post a picture of him soon. Thanks for all your help, prayers, suggestions, etc. You're the best! In the end, I went with another Camry, because they are the most reliable car on the road. I should get a free one for how much I promote them. Anyone know a suit at Toyota?

In other news... my new book comes out next month. It's a bit of a follow-up to my first book, Here's to Hindsight: Letters to My Former Self. So if you haven't read that one yet, get on it! Time's a wastin'!

This book, though, is more about my move to New York City and discerning God's will along the way. We've got a title (taken from my song "O Beautiful" about NYC), but we need a subtitle! So, please leave your suggestions in the comment section. Even if you aren't a registered member of Blogger, you can still comment!

I kind of like the parallelism between my last book title and the first two in this list (Letters to My Former Self... Letters to New York City... Letters to Manhattan), but I'm interested in hearing your feedback!

Here are the options:

Crowded Skies: Letters to New York City

Crowded Skies: Letters to Manhattan

Crowded Skies: How I Fell in Love with New York City

Crowded Skies: A Love Story for Manhattan

Crowded Skies: How I'm Learning to Love the Better Things, Despite
Usually Wanting the Bad Things

Crowded Skies: How God Moved Me to Manhattan and Painted My Wall

Crowded Skies: Thoughts on New York City

Crowded Skies: Thoughts on Finding God's Direction

Crowded Skies: How New York City Taught Me To Love God More

Crowded Skies: From the South to the City, Finding God Along the Way

Crowded Skies: Finding God in New York City

Thanks for your help!