Thursday, October 25, 2007

More info

Thanks to the many of you who have replied about the car. I really appreciate your willingness to help, pray, look, etc. You are awesome.

As a general "heads up" here are a few things I'm looking for:

- A 4-door car or small SUV.

- Good gas mileage (27mpg+)

- I don't care if it has dents, different colored panels, etc... I only care that it is reliable. I drive about 50k miles per year, and I need something that will survive the 12-hour drives across deserts and mountains and long, lonely highways where I don't have cell phone service.

- While minivans are usually spacious and get good mileage, they are a bad option for two reasons:
1. Parking in NYC is tough. The smaller the car, the better.
2. They don't have trunks. I keep a lot of stuff in my trunk when I travel, and if it is visible, it's more likely to be stolen.

- SUVs tend to have the same problem, although some SUVs have a panel that you can pull down to cover the stuff in the trunk. Jeep Libertys are pretty great because of the window/storage-space layout.

- Ideally, I would just get another Camry, because well, it was perfect. But I'm open.

- Also, I am poor.

I'm leaving tomorrow morning to head out west on tour, but I'll be flying, so I don't need a car. If you're anywhere near Portland, OR, or Seattle, WA, you should come and catch a show!


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Luke said...

Well, I have a '96 SVT Cobra that I'd sell you. Only 65k miles. It doesn't exactly have four doors, and doesn't exactly get great mileage, but just imagine how many extra shows you could fit in if you could travel to your gigs at 160 mph! It would more than pay for itself! :-)