Monday, September 24, 2007

What's New...

Dear People of the Blog:

I just got a call from my mom, who has been suffering from severe back issues for three years. Most recently she's been hospitalized, over-medicated, and bed-ridden.

BUT NOW! We are so happy because she saw a doctor today who is going to perform surgery on WEDNESDAY at 4:30PM (Eastern Time) to relieve the pressure that her swollen discs are placing on the nerves that run between them. He will be cutting away part of the bone to alleviate the pressure.

Most of his patients feel a dramatic change for the better immediately after the surgery, which is great news. Please keep my mom in your prayers for the next few days as she prepares for, endures, and heals from the surgery.

I love and appreciated you all...


Ben Dubow said...

Praying!!!!! Keep us posted!

TexanNewYorker said...

Also praying! My mother had a similar surgery a few years ago and felt MUCH BETTER afterward, even after years of pain.

germaine said...

Hey girl!
I sent this to Sharon (CCA's Admin) to put on the prayer email... I am praying! Looking forward to seeing you again on Sunday!! :)

Love ~G

Angela said...

YAY for mom!