Saturday, August 11, 2007

Quirky Me...

Stine tagged me, so I am going to do the "8 Weird Facts/Habits" meme, but I tagged all my friends on this recently, so I'm going to avoid that. Sorry for breaking the chain... I'm sure that means something horrible will happen to me or perhaps just that I am a party pooper.

A preface: My goal was to exercise my writing skills by connecting all of my weirdness. Each weird thing should have some form of continuity with the thing before and after it. I’m a veritable Rube Goldberg machine of weirdness.

1. I’m a musician by trade and my roommate works for a record label, yet I spend hardly any time or money pursuing music in my spare time. I rarely go to concerts—even free ones. I purchase 4-5 CDs per year. My iPod sees little action. Primarily, I listen to audio books or talk radio when I’m in the car.

2. I love books, music, film, and dance… but I’ve recently determined my medium of choice: comedy. Music aficionados go to festivals, film buffs travel to Cannes and Sundance, Harry Potter fans wait in line all week to buy the latest book. Me? I grab my friends, a case of SugarFree Red Bull, and hole up in a rank-smelling underground theater for a 52-hour comedy marathon (which is what I did last weekend).

3. True story: Last week, I was shopping at Target with my friend thelongbrake. I loaded up my shopping cart with two cases of SugarFree Red Bull.

“Does that stuff taste good?” thelongbrake asked.

“No. It’s horrible. It tastes like lighter fluid,” I said. “I honestly can’t explain why I drink it.”

4. Typically I drink about 5 glasses of water at each meal, and I tip based on how many times the waiter lets my glass go empty. I knock off 5% for every time I’m left without something to drink.

5. Speaking of things I consume… I was once a vegan for a year. Exhibiting a complete 180-degree turn, I took up hunting the day I left my vegan lifestyle behind (for the full story on this transition, you will have to read my book. A right-wing newspaper once excerpted the story.

6. I read most of my news online, and if I don’t keep myself in check, I can easily spend three hours flipping through news sites. This trickles down to the fake news. Even though I’m usually near a TV when “The Daily Show” airs, I watch the clips online. They are choppy and frustrating and they skip some of the best comedic moments. I must enjoy making life unnecessarily difficult.

7. As a five-year old, I desperately wanted to be an actress. I taped my favorite shows and spent hours pausing the video while transcribing the entire show onto legal pads, so that my friend Sara and I could split the characters and act out the shows. I wrote a play (albeit a bad one) when I was six years old. Somehow, though, acting never became my thing.

8. If there is a tune running through my head, it is likely either the theme song from “Sanford & Son” or from "Smurfs" (neither of which have lyrics, by the way). This has been true for almost ten years.

Tag yourself if you want, then leave a link in the comments. I'm waiting patiently to find out that I'm not the only weird one. You can find me in the Red Bull aisle, humming theme songs and quoting TV shows.

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Christine said...

OK, I'm still laughing over here at you humming the Smurfs. And transcribing the TV shows. HA! Love it. Love everything weird about Tara Leigh.

PS. Am I the ONLY one who gets a little nervous whenever I have to copy the random "word verification" before posting a comment? I mean, I graduated from college and still get a little anxious that I'm not going to be able to correct copy 5 letters in a row. It's bizarre. I know there are other people out there who hear me on this one!!!