Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm 100.

This is the 100th post on HTH... whee! I've been contemplating what kind of thing I should blog about on this momentous occasion. I wanted it to be special and unique.

In lieu of special and unique, I'm opting for shocking. So here goes: I had a colonic. Eww. Yep. I've wanted to have one for years, because all my friends who get them speak of the wonders of the colonic. Well, it wasn't so bad after all. I found a cheap spa with a special discount for newbies and hit it up last week. I really think that's all that needs to be said.

In order to make you forget about what I just told you, I will tell you some new and exciting things:

1. In ten minutes, I will be in a cab on my way to a plane where I will fly to a shuttle that will take me to a hotel where I will catch a bus that takes me to a port where I'll board a ship that takes me to the Bahamas where I will play some songs for some people. (Diagram THAT!)

2. I've recently discovered that I grieve changes in my neighborhood in a way that surprises me. My friend compared it to the way that parents grieve the aging process of their children. I do NOT want Manhattan to "grow up" -- metaphorically OR physically. There are tons of high-rises going up in my short-ish neighborhood and it kills me every time I hear of a new one. There goes the sky.

3. My new addiction. I would call it a time-waster, except it's really a fun way to learn. Kind of like watching Jeopardy. Enjoy!

Gotta go grab that cab! If you want to join me on the next cruise (in February), please do so!


Carla said...

Weird. Not 10 minutes ago I was thinking of how you told me you were going to get a colonic.

Also, the day after you told me that, I read a blurb in Time Out New York by an editor who had one.

Jane said...

haha, you need to move to DC. we have laws that don't allow the buildings to clog up our sky: the Height of Buildings Act of 1910. somehow, I don't see you leaving Manhattan anytime soon though...

Catherine said...

Have a great time on your cruise!!

Christa said...

You can have a colonic done @ a spa? I thought it involved a visit to the dr.'s - but I live in Canada, so maybe our free health care plays in to that. :)

Just thought I'd pop by and say hi - looks like you found my blog post about your book. LOVED the book, so I'm glad you found it.

Really like the "picture a day" blogs too. I think I may borrow the idea... :)