Thursday, July 12, 2007

Set your TiVo, DVR, VCR, SunDial, etc.

I've been a bit delinquent about posting when my episode of "We Live Here: Uploaded" is going to air on the Fine Living Network, but it's for a good reason: I wanted to see the episode personally before I parade it in front of all of you people who can judge me. Hah!

So here is a schedule of the upcoming air times. My segment occurs about 8 minutes in, so if you tune in late, you'll still get me. Mostly it's Saturday nights @ 9:30 PM and then three hours later (at 12:30 AM early Sunday morning), although there's a Sunday night / Monday morning episode scheduled to air.

We Live Here Uploaded 07/14/2007 9:30 PM Episode FLWLU-SP01
We Live Here Uploaded 07/15/2007 12:30 AM Episode FLWLU-SP01
We Live Here Uploaded 07/28/2007 9:30 PM Episode FLWLU-SP01
We Live Here Uploaded 07/29/2007 12:30 AM Episode FLWLU-SP01
We Live Here Uploaded 07/29/2007 9:30 PM Episode FLWLU-SP01

I don't know what channel the Fine Living network is in your town (or even if you get it), but I'm sure you can scroll through your Guide or go to the Fine Living website to check.

If you actually do see it, be sure to let me know!


Jane said...

I saw it, and I'm letting you know :) Please reveal to me all the secrets of Housing Works!!

Kristen said...

WAAAAHHHH!!! BOO HOO!!! I'm crying because i just discovered from The Fine Living website that it is NOT available in my tv area. Bummer! I'd love to see the episode though so maybe you'll have a copy that I can see sometime??

I love you and miss you much! and super excited for your tv show!

kristen w.

Chad said...

It's going to be on channel 232 on DirectTV. I'll be watching!

-Ryan said...

I just put it on my TiVo for the 29th at 7:30p (9:30p your time) and the 10:30p (12:30p your time). :-) Now I have Tara Leigh on TiVo. Dang. :-)