Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Stupid Decisions

I chose to join my particular gym because of the late night hours. Bad Decison #1.

I often choose to workout at 10pm. Bad Decisions #2-5b.

Because of the combined effects of Bad Decisions #1-5b, I often find myself awake at hours such as this (4:23am).

Tonight, I also made Bad Decision #6: Set alarm for 9:30am.

A long time ago, I made Bad Decision #0: Never ever re-set the alarm.

So as I sit here wide awake, dreading the time five hours from now when my alarm will blare on the other side of the room, my only comfort is The Cosby Show. Here are the other things I've done to pass the time:

- read everything on my RSS feed
- read 3 chapters from the book I'm currently reading
- edited 2 chapters from the book I'm currently writing
- looked up old friends, classmates, and boyfriends on MySpace and Facebook
- been frustrated by the apparent technological inferiority of said people
- moisturized and trimmed my cuticles
- flipped through Harper's Bazaar
- organized receipts
- washed dishes
- ate some microwave popcorn and a strawberry
- replied to emails
- deleted SPAM from my trash bin

Gee, productive huh? I wish I were sleeping, though. Tomorrow I need to do some more editing on the book. I'm 70% done with the first draft now, which makes me really excited. That prompts a few questions that I've been wanting to ask you guys!

What did you like best about the last book? What stories/themes were your favorite? In the new book, would you like for it to be the same style? If not, in what ways would you like to see things change? What would you like to see more/less of? Any other thoughts you'd like to share?

I know it seems like it's a bit late in the game to be asking those questions, but this is just the first draft, so there's always room for editing (thank God!). I'm really interested in your feedback. You can leave your comments in response to the blog, or... if you feel like it's too personal, you can always email me: tlc at taraleighcobble with the dot followed by the com.

I really appreciate all your help and comments!

Hmm... now how should I pass the time? Thankfully, I've got Rudy, Vanessa, and Theo to keep me company. And right now, there's a guest on the show who I think is the guy who makes all the noises in the Police Academy movies. I have no recollection whatsoever of this episode. Sold!


Christine said...

I might be a little biased, but what I loved about your book was that I felt like it was a friend sitting there with me the whole time. When it was over, I was sad, because I so looked forward to that companion every night! :) I think you should write it in the same memoir style....

Luke said...

Ditto Christine. I liked the memoir style too.

TLC, although my interaction with you has been very limited, while I was reading your book I felt like I really got to know you. Not just what your voice sounds like or what kind of music you listen to or what time you get up or even that you might be a little bit nuts; but what's actually in your heart. Your transparency had a powerful draw. You seemed to write from a position of being real and down here with the rest of us, not some elevated position of know-it-all-edness (that's mine, but you can use it):).

Anyway, it was nice to read about some of your experiences and be able to say to myself, "Hey, I've felt that way" or "Hey, I've learned that too" and be reminded that this whole human experience isn't unique to me.

But also I liked how the book wasn't JUST the story of Tara Leigh; it was more "life's lessons as learned by TLC". I would imagine that most of your readers have never met you, so I think your themes of what you've learned from life and from God should continue to be your focus...only viewed through TLC goggles.

So, that's the long version of saying "please do the same song, but second verse". Thanks.

Catherine said...

What did you like best about the last book?
i loved your subtle humor, and the way i felt like i really knew you, and you were my friend.

What stories/themes were your favorite?
the way that you discussed your personal struggles with God, but how you found your way back to Him.

In the new book, would you like for it to be the same style?
Your style was so simple and classic, I can't imagine it any other way.

Kristen said...

I agree with all of the above :-) but i definitely think you need to mention Rita's in the second memoir. It's OBVIOUSLY noteworthy. :-)

love you!
kristen w.

Jud said...

That's a great question. I just finished Here's to Hindsight a few days ago, and felt obligated to stop by your blog and read "the rest of the story", as Paul Harvey might say.

As a person whose life on the surface is about as different from yours as can be (married at 21, father of two, settled in a small town working a 9-5 office job) it was interesting to me to find out that the same sort of struggles that I go through have analogues in those whose lives I am tempted to envy. I suppose it's the universal human condition rearing its simultaneously beautiful and ugly head.

I suppose I should add that I've been enjoying the corresponding album immensely. The last two tracks were worth the price all by themselves.

Lauren said...

More tips on how to steal furniture.

Kidding. In all honesty, I loved the style and subject matter of HTH, and I'd love to read something similar.