Sunday, June 03, 2007

Q & A - Part 3

Here are a few more reader-submitted questions:

Q: Can you tell me more of the story behind the song "Regarding Miranda?"

A: I really prefer for the song to tell the story, especially in this case. However, I'll be happy to detail the theme a bit for you. Basically, it's a song about my reluctance to love people the way that Jesus has loved me, about my fear and selfishness and the consequences of my actions.

Q: When will your new book be out?

A: I don't know. I'm halfway through the first draft, but I don't have a publisher yet. RELEVANT isn't publishing books anymore, so I'm on the lookout for other possible relationships.

Q: Why isn't RELEVANT publishing books anymore?

A: Because they were spending about 70% of their time working on their book division, and they felt it was distracting them from focusing on their primary goal, the magazines. Or maybe because I made them so much money that they wanted to retire. I think that might be it.

Q: I want to write for RELEVANT! Can you tell me how?

A: This can.

Q: I am coming to New York! Can I stay with you?

A: That depends. Are you on my speed dial? If so, then yes. If not, then no. My roommate and I have a "Speed Dial Only" policy for people who can stay with us. The apartment is wee, so it's a bit of a squeeze.

Q: I am coming to New York! Can I hang out with you?

A: Possibly. If I'm in town and I'm not crazy busy.

Last week, I had 8 visitors in town, and only 2 of them were together. So I had 7 times that I was entertaining different people in one week. That gets pretty expensive. If you're coming to town and you want to hang out, it would be super awesome if you either A) did not want to go some place expensive or B) paid for me to go. I LOVE hanging out with people when they come to town and helping them fall in love with NYC, but if summer continues to bring me this many visitors, I am going to have to sell my kidneys.

Q: "I wrote you an email on MySpace / Facebook / Virb and you didn't reply!

A: I know that's not really a question. Sorry for prefacing it with a "Q." I'm bad at replying to messages and comments because they're hard to keep up with. If you want to contact me, the best way is via my email: tlc at tara leigh cobble. With the dot followed by the com.

That's all for now! Send me questions if you have them!

Much love,


Luke said...

Keep me in mind if you decide to sell that kidney. It's not that I really need your kidney, but hey, I'd like to help out. And sometimes, the best part of a purchase it that need has got nothing to do with it. Plus, you could visit it whenever you're in Texas. :-P

dr dizzle said...

Q: if you give up your kidneys, are you going to call me to be your doctor? 'Cause if you are, you might want to call me before giving up those little water-makers. I'm a better shrink than I am a surgeon...

A: I'm not really answering my own question, but it was rhetorical after all...