Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Updates, in order of importance and reverse alphabetical order. Oooh, fancy.

Mom: When I talked to her yesterday, she said, "I would say that I feel 25% better than I did last week. I am tempted to say that I feel 50% better, but it might not be that much." I was so happy that I dared not offer 40% as an option. It's encouraging to hear that something, anything, is changing for the better. She attributes the change to her chiropractor and a nice epidural. My sister brought her a copy of The Pursuit of Happyness and she was even able to watch it last week. Actually, she said she watched it five times. I will get her a Netflix queue and sign her up for some things she will like. Yes, that's it. Any suggestions? (P.S. She is quite wholesome.)

Book: I've been working almost every day during this break from touring. Writing is fun and wonderful and I love it. Tonight I counted up the words from all the chapters that I've written so far (which is 14, by the way), and I have just over 25,000. My last book was approximately 50,000 words, so I'm roughly halfway done with writing the first draft. I haven't submitted anything to my editors yet, but I'm hoping that not too much of my word count will fall by the wayside. Usually they ask for more.

Birthday: I'm older today. But then again, isn't that always true?


Luke said...

Good to hear about mom.

I finished your first book in a cumulative 3 hours, so if you could do 100k words this time that would be great. :P

Happy birthday. I'll just assume that your age still starts with a 2. :)

stephanie said...

Wheeeeee for birthdays and for improving mommies!

Love & miss you muchos.

chipg said...

Happy Birthday! many..

There are of course all the classics that Netflix does a great job of making available.

Recently we've enjoyed watching the A&E Horatio Hornblower series of movies from 5 years or so back. They are a bit violent with duels and cannon fire and all. An immobile person could also enjoy the A&E Pride and Prejudice 6-hour version if she's into that kind of movie. Others from our Netflix history that may be appropriate:
- Catch me if you can
- That thing you do
- The terminal
- The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming

Glad to hear she's doing better.

Lindsay said...

Dude, you should totally get your mom the "love comes softly" series on dvd (or queue them or whatever). yes, they are cheesy... but they are romantic and have a lot of Christian sentiment (in addition to the love story). But get the new versions (the first one has katherine heigel in it) because the older ones are terrrrrible (think 80's Christian anything...).

Oh, and IF today was a significant day in the progression of your life and IF I were to be around you, I would definitely give you a big hug and wish a happy time celebrating however many years of being alive you so choose. :)
(you know I know the real answer!!! HAHAHAHA)

Carla said...

Your mom? Wholesome? Naaaaaah.

Chad said...

Great to hear about your mom. Hope and pray she continues to improve.

And happy birthday! Any fun plans? Make sure to take pictures. ;-)

ryan said...

Happy B-day. Refreshments on me if you're ever in the Madison, WI area.

germaine said...

Thanks for the update on your mom... praying for her!

I suggest "Second Hand Lion"... I thought it was a great movie, I rented it with our hosts in Namibia once when I went out earlier than the rest of the team & they loved it too... it cracked me up...

Bah-na-na-na-na-nah! YOU SAY IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY! Bah-na-na-na-na-nah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Love ~G

Christine said...

GREAT news all around! Missyou! By the way, LOVED The Pursuit of Happyness.

dr dizzle said...

Good to hear that your mama is feeling a bit better.

I like "out of Africa" but it is very long, so she'd want to have her own intermission. most of the other movies I'd mention are probably not what she would enjoy. You might, but she might not.

Aubrey said...

so i've been reading your blog for the past 45 minutes or so....wish we could go out for coffee or something because I sure as heck don't seem to meet Christians like you...everyone I meet around here seems so fake, so its refreshing to see someone so real...anyways, i havent read your book but i am calling barnes & noble tommorow to have them get it in stock so i can buy it! :) hope you are having a lovely week!