Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Tees

We'll be cranking out some new tees this Friday, and I'm excited about them! You may (or may not) recognize the phrase "all thin and worn and perfect" as a line from my song "White T-Shirt," so we've put it on a white t-shirt for you and we call it the "white t-shirt." Makes sense, huh? Well, I'm a marketing genius... what can I say?

The other one is just a line that came up in conversation with Lee one day. We're calling this one the "crush" tee. The colors don't show up right on this, but it's chocolate brown with cream text. We'll also have these available in girly cut shirts, in a few different colors (I think they are pink, aqua, and red, all with white text).

I'll have them at shows, but you can also contact me if you want to buy one through the mail. We won't have them in the web store for a while, so just post a comment and I'll get you one. They're $20 each. Not much for a lifetime of enjoyment and soffety-softness (I made up that word, but it is so right on).


Luke said...

It's unfortunate that I'm just now learning that Music has a crush on me. I've known her for years, but thought her aloofness was just disinterest. Mostly, she stayed in the background. We really could've been great together, you know. But now, we've settled into the "friend zone", and I think it would just be weird; especially if things didn't work out. Oh cruel fate!

Lee Ann said...

Oh Tara I think you found a possibility in a new career... marketing.

Cant wait to grab me a white t-shirt

: )

TexanNewYorker said...

Genius. I already wear my "No slow cars no stop signs" shirt so often that last Christmas my mother said, "Didn't you bring home any other t-shirts?"

Christine said...

Those RAWK! said...

Music doesn't just have a crush on me. Music stalks me.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering If I could somehow get two of your music crush tshirts. I was hoing to be able to get one red and one aqua. If this is possible that would be amazing.